FIP Treatments

There is no cure for FIP. There are, however, treatments options to alleviate clinical signs, and in some cases manage the disease on a long-term as a chronic condition.

None of the treatments listed below claim to be a cure but are options you should consider for your cat. Successful treatment of an FIP cat does not mean eliminating the virus entirely, just that your cat's life can be extended, for months and even for years, as is the case for over a hundred cats currently living with FIP and maintaining good health and quality of life.

The Essential FIP Survivor Guide.

The Essential FIP Survivor guide is for people who have a cat suffering from, or suspected of, the non-effusive form of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a.k.a. dry FIP. The treatment described in this guide is centered around the off-label use of a USDA-approved, biologic initially developed for the treatment of signs of feline rhinotracheitis, caused by the feline herpesvirus. This product is called Polyprenyl Immunostimulant, a.k.a "PI". The Essential FIP Survivor Guide is divided into two main sections, the medical approach, and the parent's corner. The medical approach covers medical and technical information, such as treatment protocol, dosage and frequency, nutrition, general care and more. The second section goes over the same topics but from the parent's perspective and addresses the emotional aspect of caring for a cat afflicted with a deadly disease and the many challenges of long-term treatment.

The Essential FIP Survivor Guide ebook is available for free download on the website.

Polyprenyl Immunostimulant Treatment of cats with Presumptive Non-Effusive Feline Infectious Peritonitis In a Field Study

by Dr. Alfred M. Legendre, et al.

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal disease with no clinically effective treatment. This field study evaluated treatment with Polyprenyl Immunostimulant (PI) in cats with the non-effusive form of FIP. Sixty cats, diagnosed with dry FIP by primary care and specialist veterinarians and meeting the acceptance criteria, were treated with PI without intentional selection of less severe cases. Download and read the details of the study and its conclusions. This is a recent publication (02/14/2017).

downloadPolyprenyl Immunostimulant Treatment of cats with Presumptive Non-Effusive Feline Infectious Peritonitis In a Field Study.

Anemia and the FIP cat.

Anemia is frequent with cats suffering from FIP. However, not all FIP cats are found to be anemic at time of diagnosis. If present, the anemia can be regenerative or non regenerative, mild or pronounced. Whatever the case may be with your cat, anemia must be addressed, and quickly. Anemia can kill as surely as FIP if left untreated. Download our document Anemia and the FIP cat for an explanation of the different types of anemia, its consequences for FIP cats and what can be done to address and correct the problem.

DownloadDownload Anemia and the FIP cat.

Effusive (wet) FIP Ishida treatment protocol

Wet FIP treatment generally consists of a combined use of Feline Omega Interferon with steroids. This document explains what is commonly referred as the Ishida protocol.

DownloadDownload the Ishida/Feline Omega Interferon for Wet FIP protocol.

How to obtain Virbagen Omega Interferon (Feline Omega Interferon in the US.

Virbagen Omega Interferon (Feline Omega Interferon, or FOI) is not available in the US but can be obtained from UK distributors. The procedure is fairly straightforward, does not require an import permit or an authorization from the FDA, and is allowed under the Personal Import Guidance secton 9.2 of the FDA.

DownloadDownload the order information and procedure to obtain Feline Omega Interferon in the US.