Care & Support

The emotional toll of daily life with FIP & its aftermath

The seven stages of grief.

What to expect after we lose a loved one.
Terminal illnesses are the most debilitating things we ever are faced to deal with emotionally. When we know our loved ones are going to depart that causes major psychological stress and the accompanying grief when they pass is that much more intense. FIP is one of the worst scenarios to ever be faced with because most times we only have a few days with in which to process what is happening. Read more.

Quality of life and euthanasia.

When faced with terminal illnesses such as FIP we always need to be aware of when our loved pets no longer have any more quality of life left and when it's time to help them to cross over. That is always the most difficult part of being a cat parent – you live in the hope of that miracle turn around, but you also don't want to see your precious fur child suffering. Read more.